Re Soundings – Phase Two

Re – Soundings has received funding from Creative Scotland to support a programme of public engagement and the creation of new work for exhibition at An Lanntair in May 2016, at two site specific locations on Lewis and Iona in May 2016.

The new works of sound, film, sculpture will explore the role of the bell as a symbol of secular and non secular time within the landscapes of Lewis and Iona, set against the wider context of the protestant reformation in Europe. The work will reference the iconoclasm of the reformation and the impact of this on belief structures in the Hebrides, as symbolised though the presence and absence of the bell as a visual and auditory feature in the landscape.

This production stage of the project builds on research and development carried out over four months in 2015 on Lewis and Iona in collaboration with writer Dr. Alastair McIntosh and musicologist, Dr. John Purser. The work will be supported by a bi- lingual publication with commissioned writing from Dr. Alastair McIntosh and Francis MacKee and will include a CD of the commissioned sound piece by Dr. John Purser. The publication will serve as an artefact to the project, extending its life beyond the chronology of the exhibition and installations.


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