Comments on Re-Soundings from the exhibition visitor book. In the interests of objectivity, comments by friends and family have not been included. And these observations from writer and critic, Georgina Coburn: “I enjoyed the Re-soundings installation at An Lanntair very much- transformation of the industrial material of war recrafted into a resoundingly interior, self-reflexive sculptural/ sound space worked extremely well. The capacity of human beings for mass destruction juxtaposed with our innate creativity as a species and expressed in objects crafted accordingRead more

Parting Gift

This month saw Re-Soundings travel back from Lewis to Iona and it will be good to take some time to reflect on the project and what emerges from the experience. While I was up in Stornoway, I met with Father Taggart of St. Peter’s and St. Moluag’s and handed over the prototype handbell; the first one to be cast by Laings Foundry and made entirely of WW1 shells, everyone agreed it had the most beautiful tone. Father Taggart was really delighted and usedRead more

Sound Interventions at St. Moluag’s Chapel, Lewis and St. Oran’s Chapel, Iona On Friday 17th June, John Purser’s composition was played simultaneously for four hours in both island chapels. It was an entirely different experience to hearing the bells within the gallery installation; the sound emanated from the fabric of the buildings into the surrounding landscape, literally carried by the wind beyond the structural confines of the spaces. St. Oran’s and St. Moluag’s are powerful punctuations in the spiritual verse ofRead more

Artists Talk, Bells Ring

BBC Music Day on Friday 3rd June 2016 saw bells ringing out simultaneously at 7pm right across the UK, in towns, cities and villages and everywhere from Cathedrals to smaller parish churches, including the forecourt at An Lanntair. This provided a vibrant opening to  our artists’ talk which covered our own practices, the process of collaboration on Re-Soundings followed by a question and answer session in the gallery. Many thanks to all who took part, especially father Taggart who rang outRead more


We have had a wonderful warm welcome from everyone at An Lanntair and great technical support from Mike, Paul and Donald with the installation so far. We have established the floor projection position and have also worked out the place and position of each of the twelve bells using MDF mockups, the hanging of the real ones will start on Monday and this will be the most nerve wracking aspect of the install. There has been time too, to enjoy some of the events atRead more


A few weeks ago the Cultural Enterprise Office held a webinar by Tim Wright, Director of twintangibles and CEO’s Crowdfunding Industry Associate, which gave an introduction to and some useful tips and advice for planning and managing a crowdfunding campaign. One steep and rapid learning curve later and the Re-Soundings Crowdfunding page has been launched at http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/re-soundings/ It feels a little strange to ask for financial support from friends and family and an unknown crowd, but Crowdfunding is rapidly becoming the norm for arts projects that need some match funding. This isRead more