What is the Sound of an Empty Belfry?

This was the question posed by Alasdair McIntosh in an insightful and lively talk, which started the day’s events at the Re-Soundings workshop at Comunn Eachdraidh Nis/Ness Historical Society on Saturday 19th March. Alastair spoke about often trying to understand the empty belfry; “one of the paradoxes of the highland church” that leaves him “scratching his head.” In his explanation of how he has come to a closer understanding of the phenomenon, Alastair took us briefly to the writings ofRead more


Another stage in the collaboration with John Purser, was facilitated through hiring Skyespace at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig. Although it is normally used as a television and radio facility it proved perfect for our purpose; creating a mock up of the exhibition installation. The scale of the studio allowed us all to experience the work at its full size and we were able to place it in situ by mapping out the An Lanntair floor plan. It was an extremely usefulRead more


Using the Green Sand moulding technique, Laings Foundry in Edinburgh have cast twelve bells for the Re Soundings project; six based on the smaller quadrangular bronze Dunkeld bell and the other six based on the quadrangular Adomnàn’s bell, a replica of which Historic Environment Scotland allowed us to use during our research period. Green Sand is a term for moulding sand that is bonded together with clay and moisture. The sand is compacted, or squeezed into a shape around a pattern. After compacting, theRead more

Re Soundings – Phase Two

Re – Soundings has received funding from Creative Scotland to support a programme of public engagement and the creation of new work for exhibition at An Lanntair in May 2016, at two site specific locations on Lewis and Iona in May 2016. The new works of sound, film, sculpture will explore the role of the bell as a symbol of secular and non secular time within the landscapes of Lewis and Iona, set against the wider context of the protestantRead more