Re Soundings – Shell Shocked

CaVa recording studios in Glasgow might be more accustomed to the likes of Belle and Sebastian and Paulo Nutini as clients but fortunately sound engineer, Geoff Allan has worked with John Purser before and hardly turned a hair when we turned up last week with a miscellaneous selection of instruments and objects created from the WWI shells. When we booked the studio we had hoped to emerge with, at the most, a two minute sample of the sound properties of theRead more

Re Soundings – Transformation, Magdeburg to Ratho

Transformation; a reordering of materials, disturbing that which already is, a marked change in form, a metamorphosis. Transforming WWI shells into sculptural sound pieces based on early Christian hand bells probably isn’t the most regularly occurring request that the Ratho Forge, near Edinburgh, receives for a job. Fortunately for the project, however, Pete Johnson and his team were willing to work with us as we followed our quest to reverse the act of destruction that we had read about severalRead more