We have had a wonderful warm welcome from everyone at An Lanntair and great technical support from Mike, Paul and Donald with the installation so far. We have established the floor projection position and have also worked out the place and position of each of the twelve bells using MDF mockups, the hanging of the real ones will start on Monday and this will be the most nerve wracking aspect of the install.

There has been time too, to enjoy some of the events at An Lanntair and on Friday we attended a talk by glass artist Shaun Fraser,

Currently studying for an MA at the Royal College, Shaun’s work explores his place in the natural world as well as issues around land use and occupation. Shaun has just completed the An Sùileachan Residency on Lewis,  initiated by Will Maclean RSA and Marian Leven RSA  in partnership with An Lanntair and the Bhaltos Trust.


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