Re Soundings – Iona Research, Installation St. Oran’s Chapel

St Orans church setup 01

Today we installed the video and sound installation in St. Oran’s Chapel, which will run from 12 noon till 4pm, Friday 3rd July till Sunday 5th July. This coincides with the Iona Village Hall Music Festival and we are hoping that around three hundred people will see the work, some of whom attended our open event yesterday. St. Oran’s, which dates from the 12th century, is the oldest surviving building on Iona and it is thanks to Historic Scotland that we have been able to film and work in this beautiful space. We were ably assisted today by Jane Martin and Gordie Rutherford of Historic Scotland, and we also owe thanks to Shiona and Phil Rhuemann for lending us their suitcase generator to power the projector.

St Orans church setup 03

St Orans church setup 02

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