Re Soundings – Iona Research, Installation St. Oran’s Chapel

04.07.15Today is the final day of the installation at St.Oran’s Chapel. We’ve had around 200 visitors each day and the work has changed in intensity depending on the quality of light coming in from the chapel’s north and south windows. We’ve invigilated the space every day and it has been really enjoyable to watch how visitors respond to the work. Being in the space and being able to respond to questions and curiosity around the work has been really important and we have had some good conversations  about the installation and associated themes. The projector has stayed in situ all weekend guarded by a nesting family of barn swallows. Iona must be the one of the last remaining places in the UK, where you can leave an expensive piece of equipment in an unlocked space and still find it there every morning, untouched. This trust and respect for spaces and each other is one of the really lovely aspects of being able to create work on Iona.

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